The School of Fine Arts
Thursday, April 19, 2018

Activity Waiver - Dance

School of Fine Arts Classes, 2017-2018
Activity Waiver
First Baptist Church, SOFA, Decatur, AL
(This document is required for all students enrolling in dance.)
Participant: ______________________________
Parent/Guardian: _________________________
Cell Phone: _________________________________________
Emergency Contact (someone other than parent/guardian:
Emergency Contact Phone: _______________________________________
Allergies or medical conditions:_____________________
Family Physician/Pediatrician: ______________________
Phone: _________________________________________
In the event the participant becomes ill or injured in a SoFA class or on FBC premises, the parent will be immediately contacted. If parent is not present and cannot be reached,  permission is granted to take whatever steps necessary to administer first aid and consent is provided to initiate emergency medical treatment, including
administration of medication as required.
Further, the participant (or parent/guardian) agrees  to waive, release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless FBC, SoFA,  the Director and Instructors of SoFA for any injury arising directly/indirectly from a SoFA class, activity,  or presence on FBC campus.
Parent/Guardian Signature:
Date: _____________________________________________________